Little french Little Tamil

The Bridge of Pondicherry It was a Friday and we four were sitting in our room in Bangalore, One Gaming other Reading some book.. one sleeping..the one was planning something…The later said ‘ Can we make a trip?’ The Gaming one asked ‘where?’ ‘Pondicherry’.The next second the sleeping one got up and he was very pleasant after hearing this..may be the fact that liquor is cheap in Pondicherry made him so pleasant..The heat was on and we started packing up to Pondicherry..In search of the footprints of the french.. We reached Pondicherry by Saturday morning..main road of Puducherry is adorned by beautiful gates . In my knowledge the only other city in India adorned with gates is Jaipur . But these gates are very different . They carry distinct French style ….It was summer season and Pondy was burning like anything and we were literally toasted by the sun..We walked through the beach it was a different experience..”Little french…Little Tamil and four mallus ” In that Straight walk through the beach we have seen lot of frames…that caught my heart..That walk in the beach ended up in a bridge..the trademark of pondicherry..the same beach is seen in the ‘Life of Pi’ movie :)..Night life in Pondicherry was even more interesting..Just like a mini Goa…Foreigners…liquor..sea…The next day we left to paradise of the most beautiful beach i have ever seen…its managed by private resort near Cudallore..from the resort we have to take a boat and then they ll take us to paradise beach…we had alot of fun there..Which made our Pondy trip even wonderful…


A letter to mom in heaven :)

Dear Mom,

I can’t stop myself from writing this letter because i wanted to talk to you. its 15 days and May 06 was the worst day of my life. Dad called me at midnight and said ” come back home, Mom want to see you” . I was in a mental dilemma till I saw your face inside the freezer. I can’t digest the reality till this very moment. The most difficult thing is this loneliness, I dint have anyone to talk. U used to call me thrice a day and we talked a lot and lot, we dreamed a lot but this awful disease took u far apart from my vision.I don’t know how to live without you, I have no one to share my heart. Your advises, or wisdom, Your decisions guided me till the day. There is no one in this planet to love me the way you loved me.Every day i used to dream about you and its the only way for communicating to you.Everyone came home was saying that you were special, Dad was sharing your memories with everyone.I know you had a lot of dreams on me, but i was not able to fulfill any.I thought you will be there for me some more time.I was slow, I know, I was careless. I was your super boy, I will make you proud one day. So that you can say from there, that’s my boy :).

I know one day everyone will leave this world and will return back to the silence they came from. I can’t wait to see you again. Wait for me in the light until i comes out of this dark dirty world.


Your Ever loving Son